Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am FINALLY making my first blod entry! YAY! LOL! Anyway, yesterday was SUCH a busy day for me and Christian. I took him to the punpkin patch with my MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) group. He had SO much fun! His favorite part was the petting zoo, and in second was getting to pick out his very own pumpkin. Here are some pics...

After the pumpkin patch we rand some errands to Costco & Wal Mart, and of course I couldn't resist purchasing anything for my little bubba, so I bought him a long sleeve, light up, Mickey Mouse, Halloween shirt. It's so cute and he LOVES Mickey right now.
After running errands I was motivated enough to clean clean clean my kitchen and floors. My husband was shocked when walked in the door and saw that the kitchen was SUOER clean. I had even clean behind the sink where we have a sun box. It's been cluttered with god know what for who knows how long and I finally decided to clean it up. I felt so good about keeping the kitchen clean like I have been! I hate the kitchen the most because it's the hardest to keep clean when I'm the only female in te house and the boys are piggys. Next is to get the laundry done and then cleaning up my master bedroom and bathroom....those two rooms have been out on the backburner for who knows how long and now it's time to get them clean.